Clinic in Carouge

1hr :       130 chf
1½ hrs :  180 chf
2hrs :      230 chf

At your home

170 chf



●  The therapeutic massage is ASCA accredited.
●  Classic and sport massage is available on request.


Incorporated 21 April 1991 by health insurance specialists and therapists. The ASCA Foundation for the Recognition and Development of Alternative and Complementary Therapies is a neutral, independent, non-profit organization. It encourages professional ethics, taking into account the approach of each therapist. It has more than 20 years of experience serving naturopaths, health practitioners, insurers and patients. Its main goals are the study and promotion of complementary medicine, the aggregation of non-medical therapists, the accreditation of training schools, the dissemination of information and services for ASCA certified therapists, prevention and well-being in health, as well as the conclusion of agreements with health care providers and health insurers.